About Us

Salsburg Exporters (PTY) LTD is a fast growing export company situated in the small fishing village of Hout Bay Cape Town.

We are passionate about development and the empowerment of people within the community. We buy only the best fish from local vessels and create employment within the community by using processing facilities in Hout Bay harbour. This means that the fish are delivered directly from the boat to the processing plant and exported directly to the client. Unbeatable freshness.



ROGER BIGAIGNON has been involved in the fishing industry for 18 years. He started as a crew member on his Father’s vessel and eventually became owner and skipper. He is also involved in local retail with Fresh Fish shops supplying restaurants and the public in Cape Town.

STEPHEN TAYLOR has been involved in the industry for 12 years. He started off as a trader, focussing and developing the shipping of Fresh Tuna and Swordfish. He has dealt with and travelled extensively to the markets in Japan and U.S.A.

Together Roger and Stephen have the experience, expertise and global network to successfully export seafood.